31 Jul

Parent Letter 27/7/2020

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to inform you all that some of the CAN Play After School clubs will be reopening in September. The clubs that we have been given the ok to open are: Westcroft, St Georges and Bluecoat. We are still waiting for Orchard Vale to give us the ok to open.

In order for us to open safely we are at present drawing up the risk assessments for the clubs in line with current Government advice. Copies of the risk assessments will be available for all parents shortly. Some of the procedures that we will be putting in place to keep everyone safe will include frequent washing of hands and use of sanitiser, wearing of masks/face coverings when indoors and enhanced cleaning of all surface and toys etc. The free snack that we provided will no longer be available, you may wish to pack a small snack for your child to eat whilst at the club.

The number of children that will be allowed to attend the clubs will be reduced to a level that will take into consideration the space available and social distancing measures and a maximum of 15 children per session. Unfortunately, this will inevitably mean that some parents may not get the places they require.

Whilst we are still in the middle of this pandemic, we will do our best to support key workers. If you are a key worker please complete the attached form. This will help us to determin how many spaces we will need to reserve each day. You can download the form HERE

The fees structure will change to only allowing a full session to be booked. For the time being the hourly rate has had to be dropped for the club to be viable based on reduced numbers and also the increased running costs of the club. The fees for a full session from September will be £8 per child per session. This is still less than £3 per hour and the lowest childcare rate in the area.

The collection of children from the club will adhere to the school policy of not allowing anybody to enter the school premises. Parents on arrival can ring the club direct to say you have arrived, the staff will prepare your child with their belongings and pass through the main entrance or other exit depending on the clubs facilities. We have developed our systems so that you will be able to sign your child out on your own mobile device. If someone else is collecting your child, you will still be required to sign out on your device wherever you may be, before we can release your child. A note with the club number will be put on the door of each club giving the number to ring or text on arrival.

As we develop our safe working practices we will be constantly learning and reviewing our practices to ensure that we maintain safe working practices. We would also welcome any input from parents to help ensure that we keep everybody as safe as we can.

Over the next couple of weeks our risk assessments will be posted on our website and emailed to all parents along with our parent agreement which must be signed before anyone can attend the club.

In the meantime please remember that the Virus is still very much with us and I cannot stress how important it is for us all to take care and keep each other safe.

The online Portal will open for bookings on Monday 24th August.

The CAN Play team are looking forward to seeing you all again in September.

If you did not receive the email please check your junk mail first the please email admin@canplay.online so I can check we have the correct details for you.

Athos Pittordou
Community Arts Network cic

17 Mar

*CAN Play After School clubs open in September*


As we all start to come out of lockdown, I am pleased to be able to announce that some of the After School clubs have been given the go ahead to open in September. The clubs can only open when schools say we can return. The clubs that are going to open from September are CAN Play St Georges, Bluecoat and Westcroft.

Whilst the threat of the COVID 19 is still present we will be drawing up risk assessments and procedure for the safe opening of the clubs. We will be contacting all parents via email to inform you of the measures that we will be putting in place to ensure the safety of all staff and children.

The Short Break Scheme will also start to offer enabling services again. This will be on a individual assessed basis taking into account individual needs and risks.

Please remember this virus is still out there and has the ability to infect large numbers of the population. Stay safe.